With more than 6,000 hours (and counting) of practical stabilization and training experience, Behrends has dealt with a wide variety of topics, mostly domestic and other forms of violence, abuse and neglect. Since 2008 he has assisted over 600 individuals in 20 countries and with 40 nationalities. He has held numerous talks and over 200 group sessions and seminars.

I am grateful to (in chronological order):

I started Medical School in fall 2001 as the most motivated student you probably can imagine. Inevitably, I was disencouraged by so many situations of lacking empathy and respect for patients that I could not see how this curriculum could ever make a good doctor out of me. My passion to care was stronger than my fear of So I took responsibility for my own education and therefore had to overcome many obstacles. My first escape was becoming Medical Ethics Director 2005/2006 of EMSA, where I was privileged to make presentations during high-level conferences in many European countries. It also showed my how little is actually being achieved and how many resources are wasted on "big stages".

I wanted to do what I always knew I was best at: to listen to and assist human beings in emotional pain. So in 2007 I engaged in diverse projects, ranging from an initiative for raising awareness for global health care challenges, a visiting service for people living in a senior citizens' home, and others.

At this time I had no idea how I could ever make a living from doing this. Therefore, during 2008-2011 I gave in to the need to earn a living - and professionalized my love for creativity, music and dance. This make me run and manage a dance company and a music production & management firm. I cherish a lot what I could experience and learn during this period and believe that it became a cornerstone to making today's projects more appealing. But I had left my deepest talent idle - to be inevitably rediscovered.

The Road Not Taken

When you leave what is widely considered a well worn path, life can become lonely, even fearful and the encouragement of my father was a newly discovered rock in unchartered waters. So in 2011 I co-founded, together with Dr Baltrusch, Healing Souls International, a nonprofit which aims at improving the access to psychotrauma-therapy for populations in distress. My personal brain-child is Emotion Coaching, my second nonprofit that aims at empowering helpers to be as effective as they can through methods of emotional stabilization.

Today, when I connect the dots, I see that all that I have been through was and is a necessary part of me. My path makes me the caregiver I am today. And that is - and I say this not for the applause, but for the simple truth of it - something unique.

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  1. Matthias Behrends

Thank you, Prabhat! Namaskar! I believe it is courage, what is needed. And mentors who shed light on the path. I am indebted to everyone who has trusted me so far. And I am committed to showing you how to care in the right way, too.

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  1. prabhat kumar singh

Taking up a road which is new and unknown needs a great resource of strength within . You took up a challenge of care giving to the emotionally suffering people . Nice..... I do not know what to write.

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